eTrade.ug (eTrade Uganda) – Classifieds service

Classified advertising is a form of advertising, particularly common in newspapers, magazines and digital media, which may be sold or provided free of charge.

eTrade.ug is an online platform meant for Ugandans and business associates, home and abroad, to buy, sell or exchange goods and services. The term 'classified' means the fact that the goods and services are arranged in different classes and categories.

All classifieds on eTrade.ug are accessible by phone, tablet, or computer! Use all eTrade.ug features to find products and services at any convenient time.

Want to post an ad? It's very easy. Just add a title, select a category, add a short description, photo and specify a location. Done!

Using the eTrade.ug mobile app, you can publish ads directly from your mobile device. You will also receive notifications for each new message/reply directly to your phone.

Use eTrade.ug to quickly buy a product or find a service within Uganda and overseas!